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Warts on Children: How to Get Rid of Them Safely and Effectively?

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

Viral warts in children – a very unpleasant thing, but it is quite common. Compared to adults, children, due to their active lifestyle, have various micro-traumas on their skin, into which the human papillomavirus penetrates easily, if being in a close contact with the infected person.

And even if the contactee has absolutely no symptoms, such a virus, according to statistics, affects about 95% of the entire population.  For most people, it is in the body in a “dormant” state. With the weakening of immunity, HPV begins to “come to the surface” in the form of viral warts.


Types of Warts in Children

Warts in children have a characteristic appearance – often small, dense neoplasms on the skin of slightly brownish color. Warts in children can be of several types:

  • Vulgar/common warts. They most often occur on the hands, knees, elbows, soles (plantar warts in children). How do they look like? These are small papules that rise above the skin, have a solid, or a grayish-brownish color and a slightly rough surface resembling cauliflower.
  • Flat warts. In children, they occur more often than in adults, therefore they are called adolescent. They are localized often on the face and less often on the limbs. They differ in their small size, having smooth and flat surface. Color can vary from corporeal to pinkish brown.
  • Filiform warts. This type of warts has a slightly elongated shape and flesh color. They are located mainly on the face, inparticular, around the mouth, nasal apertures, eyes, and also on the neck.


4 Most Common Causes of Warts on Children

The main reasons for the appearance of warts in children include the following:

  • Frequent physical contact with another carrier of human papillomavirus, even if not in active form. This is a direct touch, wearing someone else’s clothes, swimming in the public pool, using someone else’s personal hygiene items.
  • The presence of microtraumas on the skin in a child, which contribute to the penetration of the human papillomavirus from another carrier. These are small wounds, abrasions, scratches, scrapes of the skin – which in children, due to their active lifestyle, are very common. Where did you see the child without abrasions and scratches?
  • Presence of calluses on the legs and hands and excessive sweating of the legs. And also frequent walking in wet shoes can cause a child to have a wart on the foot, called a plantar
  • Sharp weakening of immunity in a child after a cold or viral disease.

These are the main reasons and cause in children the appearance of viral warts, which are an external manifestation of the human papillomavirus.


Safe and Effective Methods of Warts Treatment in Children

Not all viral warts in children require treatment. Basically, the plantar wart needs treatment, since it is the wart on the child’s foot that gives the child the greatest discomfort when walking.

Nevertheless, when noticing the first occurrence of a wart in the child on the foot or in any other place, it is recommended to contact a doctor, rather than try to treat it yourself. Only a doctor will be able to determine precisely whether the wart is a new growth that is masked by it, and to prescribe the means for its treatment.

Often, the wrong treatment of viral warts in children alone, without consulting a doctor, can lead to irreversible consequences. On the spot of an ordinary and absolutely safe wart, a dangerous neoplasm can occur, which then will be very difficult to cure. Risking the health of a child, using self-medication, is not worth it.

Most often, warts in children do not involve surgery, except for the treatment of plantar warts that cause severe pain and discomfort when walking. In other cases, softer methods are used. They include the drug treatment of viral warts in children.

Medical Treatment of Warts in Children 

  • Increase of immunity with vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and salads from them, the use of echinacea extract.
  • Use of salicylic ointment or salicylic patch. From the salicylic patch, small circles around the diameter of the wart are cut out, then they are glued on top of the warts and fixed with a regular plaster. But the salicylic ointment is mainly applied to a cotton swab, which also attaches to the affected area with an ordinary plaster, and do it better at night. After a couple of weeks of such procedures, the wartsfall off themselves .
  • Liquid nitrogen or carbonic acid. As these are more aggressive methods of removing viral warts, in children, they are used only in case of special necessity (in the treatment of plantar warts or when there are already a lot of warts and they form local and quite extensive merges). After such methods, the child may have scarring and even scars on the wart removal sites.

Most often, children’s warts are trying to bring out not medical, but only homemade remedies. But all this should be done only after consulting a doctor. By the way, most often it is the doctors themselves who recommend starting treatment of warts in children precisely with such natural methods.

Non-Medical methods of Treatment of Warts on Children

  • Sour cream with salt. This is a good way, which helps to save the child from warts, and here there is also a self-suggestion of the child, which helps this simple procedure. You need to mix a small amount of sour cream with sea salt and then lubricate the affected area with this mixture. Cover with a cotton swab or sponge, then wrap around with a bandage. This procedure is done daily and best at night.
  • Garlic compress. To do this, pass a few cloves of garlic through the press, then add a little flour, and vinegar. Fold the gauze or bandage several times, apply it and attach to the damaged area, then fix with the help of a bandage. This is also recommended to do at night. But if you just lubricate the wart and fix this mixture with a plaster on top, then in two or three days the wart will simply disappear itself when removing this plaster.
  • Juice of common horseradish with salt. This is also a very effective way to remove the wart in children, but in the first minutes of applying this mixture the child may feel pain and burning. Then everything passes, but few of the kids agree to tolerate even a few minutes of such pain. You can try to use this method for the treatment of plantar warts, because on the foot of the child the burning sensation will not be felt so sharply. This composition needs to be applied for the affected area quite abundantly, and then bandage it or cover it with a small piece of gauze and cover with the usual plaster on top.
  • Extract or juice of celandine. Extract or juice celandine can be bought at any of the pharmacies. Treating the affected area constantly (3 or 4 times a day), you can quickly get rid of viral warts in the child.

Important: In any case, before using any of the methods, you should always consult a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to advise exactly the method that will help to rid the child of viral warts and will not cause any moral or physical damage, and this is very important in the treatment of children.


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