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How to Use Salicylic Acid for Warts Removal?

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

Salicylic acid for warts removal has been tested by both cosmetologists and their patients. How to use the drug correctly? Are there any contraindications and side effects? Let’s find this out for you to be sure that the application of salicylic acid is the best method for you.

Salicylic preparations are most popular for skin diseases. There are remedies in the form of a cream, gel, and spray. Salicylic ointment from warts effectively softens the skin and tissues around the wart. Contraindications to the use of salicylic preparations are diabetes mellitus and peripheral circulatory disorders.


What Are the Benefits of Using Salicylic Acid?

Treatment of warts with salicylic acid has a huge number of benefits. First of all, it should be noted the availability of the drug. It can be completely purchased at any pharmacy – you will not need a prescription from a doctor. In addition, a low price also attracts patients with papillomatosis to this medicine. With the use of salicylic acid, the pain practically does not arise. This remedy has only one drawback – it is not as effective as you would like it to be. As noted by patients who used it to treat warts, you will have to wait for the result from therapy for a long time.


Things You Should Keep in Mind Using Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid from warts is a highly effective agent used to combat papillomatosis. It is derived from the bark of willow, and has anti-inflammatory properties, due to which the pathological process in tumors is quickly stopped. It is from this product that aspirin is made, however, unlike it, salicylic acid can be used exclusively externally.

Using the remedies of high acidity, you must observe 3 rules:

  • make sure it is exactly a wart;
  • carefully read the information on the use of salicylic acid;
  • lack of improvement after a week of use of the drug – a signal to see a doctor.

Liquid or gel preparations generally contain only 17% salicylic acid and are too weak to penetrate the plantar warts covered with a thick layer of keratinized skin. The common mistake in the treatment of warts with salicylic acid is often its use, which causes considerable irritation of the skin around the wart. This can lead to the formation of ulcers and the final state is much worse than before treatment.


How to Apply Salicylic Acid?

The best way is to apply acid, moistening small bandages, and adjust them every 4-5 days. The skin around should be covered with a layer of petroleum jelly. For best results, 10 minutes before removal, it is necessary to soak the wart in warm water, which facilitates the absorption of the drug. Then, after completely drying, put on the wart lotion. Removal of plantar warts should be done in the evening, in the morning you have to repeat it and gently wipe the pumice softened layer of skin.

If you want to try to get rid of warts at home, you should be aware of all the risks. When removing warts with salicylic acid, a person should be well aware of the concentration of the solution. The higher the concentration of the solution, the more likely that you will damage the skin. If you are not careful, you can easily damage the upper layer of the epidermis, and then you have to find a cure for acid damage and find another more gentle way to remove the warts.

Important: The treatment of warts with salicylic acid is not suitable for children under 2 years of age, and also provided that you are not sure of the correctness of the diagnosis. In order not to harm yourself, first make sure that on the surface of your skin, there are really growths caused by the human papillomavirus.


Treatment of Warts with Salicylic Ointment, Alcohol and Plaster

Treatment of papillomatosis with salicylic based ointment is another popular and widely used method. The concentration of the active substance can be different – from 2 to 60%. The most effective is salicylic ointment 60 % from warts. It must be applied with a thin layer twice a day. The cream is considered to be a more sparing antiparasitic remedy than acid, therefore its use can last for 2 months. If during this time the medicine does not help, its use should be stopped for the reason that it will simply be inexpedient and ineffective in case of warts.

Note. If you are going to treat papillomatosis in children older than 2 years, then remember that in order to avoid side effects, it is not allowed to use the remedy longer than during 7 days.

It should be noted that after treating the wart with such an ointment, the temperature of the body may slightly increase at the place of its application. Such a mild deviation is of a local nature, and does not pose a threat to the patient’s health. Just the active substance has a slight cauterizing effect, which manifests itself with the help of a slight heat at the location of the papilloma.

Salicylic is also released in the form of an alcohol solution. It should be used very carefully, as it can cause burns to the epidermis. To achieve better results from therapy, it is better to approach this issue in a comprehensive manner. That is, combine the drug with another medication on the basis of this substance. This is because the solution has only a bactericidal and antiseptic effect, without exerting any influence on the cause of the appearance of the wart – the papillomavirus.

It is necessary to apply a medicine on warts with the help of an ear-stick three times a day. Therapy does not last longer than a week. If during this time there will be no effect, then the drug must be replaced with a more effective remedy.


The Use of a Patch with Salicylic Acid

Apply the remedy to the wart best with a cotton swab. Salicylic acid is also found in the Salipod patch. Often, its use is used to treat plantar warts, as they are more often coarsened than do discomfort and pain when walking. The plaster promotes the softening of the spines, which makes them easier to remove.

However, therapy with such patches has one big drawback, which is that as an independent drug its use does not always produce the expected results. For this reason, it is better for them to supplement the basic treatment, due to the use of which drugs it is administered.

In addition to salicylic acid, the Salipod patch contains sulfur. Due to this, it exerts a drying effect, which gradually kills the tissues of the neoplasm. It soon disappears, or is easily peeled off with pumice. How to use a salicylic patch? The way it is used is quite simple. Spread out the wart, gently pat it with a soft towel. Stick the patch on the skin, after which it should not be touched for 24 hours.

The method is absolutely safe, so there is no restriction on the duration of therapy. It can be carried out until the wart completely disappears. Salicylic patch cannot remove warts in young children, since there is a high risk of acid and sulfur penetration into the blood, and this can cause severe intoxication of the body.

To use salicilium for treatment of growths caused by HPV or not is up to the patient and his/her attending physician. Remember that external means do not suppress the virus and act exclusively locally, and the course of treatment takes a long time and does not guarantee a positive result.


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