Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field. A dermatocosmetologist is a doctor who is able to understand what is wrong with the client’s skin and solve problems: determine the type of skin, choose cosmetics suitable for taking care of it, eliminate troubles (be it acne or peeling), remove unwanted elements – papillomas interfering moles.

Gardner moved on from the Emory University School of Medicine in 1985. She at that point finished a transitional temporary position (general medical procedure, inward drug, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, crisis room medication, and dermatology) at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in 1986. She proceeded to finish an inward prescription residency in 1988, likewise at Georgia Baptist Medical Center, where she was granted first prize for research in heart ailment. She at that point did a second residency in dermatology at Emory, where she was boss occupant, completing in 1991. She distributed a few papers and addressed on different dermatology issues during that time.

Gardner worked for the Southeast Permanente Medical Group in Atlanta from 1991 to 1998, where she filled in as the medicinal chief of dermatology at the Tucker, Ga., office. Gardner was a restorative expert for Johnson and Johnson and for Allergan, concentrating on medicinal and corrective dermatology issues. She has an extraordinary enthusiasm for melanoma, as her significant other of 21 years surrendered to the sickness in 2007. Gardner serves on the leading body of the Emory Ocular Oncology Foundation, which fund-raises for visual melanoma research and open mindfulness and counteractive action of this lethal ailment.

Stephanie is a specialist who understands what is happening in the skin in particular and in the body as a whole. She is able to determine the types of skin and select programs for caring for it, acting at the same time boldly and with caution, taking into account individual characteristics and problems of the outer cover, so as not to cause an allergic reaction and discomfort. She is always ready to give competent recommendations for facial care.