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Wart Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

Do you have warts and wonder how to get rid of them forever? To do this, you need to understand the initial cause of the problem. The reason of all wart types, except seniles warts, is HPV. In order to get infected with the human papillomavirus, it must get on wet or damaged skin. Therefore, most often affected are open areas of the skin, on which there may be abrasions and microdamages, and which come into contact with surfaces in public places. Often, people get infection in the sauna, in the gym, in the pool – where a lot of moisture and a lot of people (potential vectors of the virus) form on the skin of a person.

With close physical contact, HPV infection occurs more quickly. Strong immunity will always cope with HPV, therefore not all people develop warts on contact with the pathogen. Warts often appear in children, women after childbirth, in the elderly, those who work hard and under stress, abuse alcohol, often take antibiotics. Treatment of warts should include maintaining a general condition.


2 Types of the Wart Removal Methods: Home Remedies and Medical Treatment

There are many different methods for the wart removal but all of them can be divided into two large categories known as the medical treatment and the homemade remedies. Let’s have a look at the most effective ways of the wart removal that refer to both of these categories.

Home Remedies for Warts

This group of remedies includes the natural ways for the wart removal. Among them, there are three the most popular methods that can be used by people of different age. Check the 3 methods among the home remedies:

  • Apple cider vinegar for warts : This is a natural remedy, which can help you get rid of warts using the cheap and natural product. There are a lot of recipes, which include apple cider vinegar and other natural components. It is better to use apple cider vinegar made at home than the one you can buy in the supermarket.
  • Essential oils for warts: There are a lot of essential oils, each of which has its own unique property. Keep in mind that it is necessary to check whether you have an allergic reaction to a certain oil or not before using it. Especially, this refers to children.
  • Duct tape for warts: It is easy to get rid of warts using the conventional duct tape. Moreover, its use is absolutely painless and very effective. For this, the wart needs only to be covered with the tape for 6 days, then you should remove it, wet the wart, and if it is possible to remove the skin from it, the procedure can be repeated in 24 hours and the wart descends.

Medical Treatment

This category of methods covers a lot of modern ways on how to get rid of warts effectively. The main difference with the previous category is that giving preference to the medical treatment, you get the guarantee that the warts will be removed forever. Among the most popular modern methods intended to remove warts, there are such as:

  • Wart freeze: Removing papillomas and warts with liquid nitrogen is one of the traditional methods of treatment. Another name – cryotherapy or cryodestruction, from the words: “cryo” – cooling, freezing, “destruction” – destruction. The effectiveness of treatment is high. It is carried out in cosmetology and dermatology clinics.
  • Laser removal: When using the laser treatment, only the area damaged by viruses is affected. The impact of a quantum-mechanical pulse has many advantages over other methods. The risk of infection of the client is completely excluded as a result of touching the instrument to the skin. Treatment is a non-contact method.
  • Wart cream: There are a number of creams made for the wart removal. This can be one of the best remedies for the removal of such types of warts as genital or anogenital warts. The composition of the drug usually includes the active substance, which stimulates the production of interferon in the body that destroys viral cells. However, there are certain contraindications to the use of creams, which the patient should take into account.
  • Salycillic acid: This drug is intended for external use. It is used to treat skin diseases. It contains salicylic acid, which is its active ingredient. Concentration is different. Depending on the amount of the active ingredient, the name of the preparation changes: salicylic ointment 1 or 3, etc.
  • HPV warts treatment: Due to the fact that the main cause of warts is HPV, it is better to treat the virus itself, otherwise, there is a risk that warts will appear again if you still have HPV in the organism. There are drugs intended to fight HVP by increasing immunity defence.
  • Walgreens wart remover: There is an innovative method on how to fight warts successfully. This is Walgreens product, which is based on the salycillic acid that has already been mentioned. Here, you get a specially designed pen that makes the wart removal easy. Using the pen with the applicator, you can remove plantar and common warts effectively.
  • Cimetidine for warts: Cimetidine is available under various trade names, and usually doctors prescribe it to treat problems with stomach acid. However, many people who take cimetidine-containing drugs note that with the excess of stomach acid, warts also disappear.


Should You Consult a Doctor or Treat Warts at Home?

Treat warts at home or consult a specialist: this is the most common dilemma for many people. I fact, everything depends on the nature of the disease. In either case, you should undergo a diagnosis and identify all the warts on the body. The human papilloma virus – HPV can cause skin cancer, so you need to find out if you have any dangerous warts.

The diagnosis of warts can be performed by an oncologist. If there are no suspicions, then the treatment of the wart should be done under the supervision of a dermatologist. If the formation appeared in large numbers, then for the doctor this may be the reason for a complete examination. This activity of the virus indicates a significant decrease in immunity. In this case, the treatment of warts should include the support of the immunity.


Things You MUST NOT Do with Warts

It is a natural wish to be impatient and want to get rid of warts as quickly as possible. However, this is not the best approach to treating warts. You should be careful and not harm yourself. Remember that warts can not be cut and cracked. In such a way, you will open the tank, where there is a huge number of viruses. After such “treatment” of warts, viruses spread to neighboring skin areas, or even to distant ones (if the wart is on the hand), and warts will become several times larger. If you use a chemical solution to remove the warts that the doctor has prescribed, then you do not need to rush things. Wait until the wart is completely soaked and dried, after which it will disappear itself and immediately with the root.

For the same reason, you cannot steam out when treating a wart. Many people confuse dry callus and plantar wart. Treatment of these formations is fundamentally different, therefore it is necessary to first find out what it is and then treat it. Cauterization of the wart with antiseptic solutions will not give the desired result, and the alcohol-dried surface of the wart may be more easily traumatized. Folk remedies for warts are also ineffective.

Applying various unsafe recipes, you risk damaging your skin, getting a burn, allergies, etc. Instead of getting rid of warts, you can even multiply their number.  If the wart does not decrease in size from the treatment procedures, it appears again, gives daughter formations – it can be a pigment-free melanoma. In this case, you need to urgently consult an oncologist.

Important: Treatment of warts at home should be done only after the conclusion of a doctor.


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