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Wart Cream: Which One to Choose?

In the treatment of HPV, many patients use a cream from warts, since the drugs from this group are convenient to use, they are effective and in most cases are not dangerous. Many drugs for external use are sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, so anyone who wants to get rid of skin defects
Medical treatment, Wart treatment

Wart Freeze: How Does the Cryodestruction Take Place?

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen is one of the traditional methods of treatment. Its another name is cryotherapy or cryodestruction. The effectiveness of treatment is high. It is carried out in cosmetology and dermatology clinics. Why nitrogen is used to get rid of warts? The active factor is liquid nitrogen. According to physical properties, the
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Wart Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have warts and wonder how to get rid of them forever? To do this, you need to understand the initial cause of the problem. The reason of all wart types, except seniles warts, is HPV. In order to get infected with the human papillomavirus, it must get on wet or damaged skin. Therefore,
Medical treatment, Wart treatment

Laser Wart Removal: Main Features and Peculiarities

What an unpleasant phenomenon - warts! Do you agree? Everyone remembers how mothers and grandmothers tried to get rid of warts by a variety of homemade remedies. Today, medicine can offer truly modern and effective methods of combating warts. And, perhaps, one of the most effective methods is laser wart removal. (more…)
Medical treatment, Wart treatment

The Most Effective HPV Wart Treatment Methods

According to various data, 70-90% of people of reproductive age are infected with HPV in the world. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is an extensively distributed sexually transmitted infection: between 80 and 90% of women face HPV infection during life. The peculiarity of the virus is that for many years it can not manifest itself in
Medical treatment, Wart treatment

Cimetidine for Warts: How to Use the Drug to Remove Warts Successfully?

Cimetidine is accessible under different brand names, and specialists normally endorse it to treat issues with stomach corrosive. However, many individuals who take cimetidine-containing medicines say that warts vanish alongside abundance stomach corrosive.  To utilize cimetidine against warts, as a matter of first importance, ask your specialist about the amount you can take this medication
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How to Make a Compress to Remove Warts Successfully?

Simple compresses are considered mixtures of various agents in a mushy consistency. Take one teaspoon of melted lard, one garlic paste, and 15 ml apple cider vinegar. Mix all these ingredients. Apply the gruel at night, closing the sore spot, tight gauze bandage.There is one more effective way to use it. Onions are halved in
Home remedies, Wart treatment

Top-12 Natural Homemade Remedies for Warts Removal

Alternative medicine is famous for its rich experience of getting rid of warts. Home remedies for warts and papillomas are effective but are not suitable for everyone. For each case, an individual approach is needed. These methods can be applied for the treatment of both children and adults. Removing warts using natural home remedies is