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Cutting Off a Wart: Should You Do This or Not?

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

There is no such a person who has never thought about cutting off a wart, which most often appears on the hands, face, and legs. Warts can quickly spread over the human body and increase in size, as they have blood vessels. Therefore, it is impossible to cut the wart by yourself without first having learnt some rules. Children are more susceptible to this disease than adults. Their appearance causes the human papillomavirus, which is present in most people. Some people think that it is easy to get rid of warts at home by cutting off a wart using scissors, for example. Have some of your friends recommended you to do the same but you still doubt whether it is a good idea? Then, you have come to the right place! Find out if you can use this method safely.


Is It Possible to Cut the Wart with Scissors?

The case seems simple – cut unpleasant warts with scissors, and the problem will disappear by itself. But this is not so. Even if the body of the wart is above the surface of the skin, the root still goes deep inside and you need to take this into account. The cause of such benign tumors is the human papillomavirus (HPV). Getting into the bloodstream, it leads to the growth of the epithelium in the affected area, forming the root and blood vessels for food. The wart is not located only on the surface of the skin, it is only the upper part of it. Therefore, an independent mechanical removal will not lead to anything, except to complications.

It is better not to trim warts with the help of scissors. The remaining root can cause a recurrence of the neoplasm; provoke activation of the virus and its spread to new skin areas. That is, with the help of scissors, the problem is not solved, but it may even increase, especially considering the possible complications from such actions: bleeding, infection, etc. You should choose a different, inexpensive, but more effective and safer way of removing a growth.


What May the Injure of Wart Cause?

Injury is dangerous with several risks at once :

  • bleeding – when a wart occurs, a network of blood vessels forms in it, if they are damaged, there can be a rather heavy bleeding that can be difficult to stop;
  • escalation of viral particles – the wart cells contain viral particles;
  • if their integrity is violated, the virus can seize healthy skin areas and manifest itself with a multitude of new growths;
  • infection is caused by pathogenic bacteria that can cause inflammation of this area;
  • the formation of coarse scars – during the healing of the injured growth it is possible the formation of noticeable scars;
  • impetus to rebirth – the cells of the warts have already lost some of their original functions under the action of the virus, so it is difficult to predict their behavior after injury, the risk of rebirth is not excluded.


The First Aid Measures for the Wart Injury

If the wart was damaged in any way, a number of preventive measures should be taken. The complex is aimed at reducing the risk of spreading the disease to other healthy areas of the skin, reducing the likelihood of infection. The complex of necessary actions involves the treatment of the wound and its isolation. What to do if there is a wart injury? The main thing is to stop the bleeding and prevent infection in the wound.

To do this:

  • drip on the wound with a solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • if the bleeding is strong enough, soak a cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide and press it to the wound with your finger, hold it for a few minutes;
  • after you have stopped bleeding, fill the wound with an antiseptic (coloring preparations – iodine, brilliant green. Fucorzine is not recommended, it is necessary to choose a colorless solution);
  • in the absence of antiseptic preparations, treat the wound with alcohol or vodka diluted with water;
  • after drying, close the wound with a bactericidal plaster.

By damaging a wart, a person risks aggravating the progression of HPV disease. It is capable of striking the skin at high speed, capturing site by site. Further complete removal of the virus from the body is possible, but it requires a significant amount of time and effort.


Consulting the Specialist Is a Much Wiser Solution!

Why it is impossible to get rid of such growths by yourself? Because it is impossible to remove the wart from the root itself, which is very important. Hope that from this article you have understood that after the unsuccessful wart removal, its growth and infection may be even greater. It is better to entrust the removal to a specialist so that he/she does everything the right way.  The safest thing to contact the experts, where there are several methods of getting rid of warts. This may be the effect of liquid nitrogen, laser, using radio waves or surgical excision. The specialist will recommend the most suitable option individually.

Important! Remember that by going to cut off a wart, you increase the risk of cancer.


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