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Top-12 Natural Homemade Remedies for Warts Removal

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

Alternative medicine is famous for its rich experience of getting rid of warts. Home remedies for warts and papillomas are effective but are not suitable for everyone. For each case, an individual approach is needed. These methods can be applied for the treatment of both children and adults. Removing warts using natural home remedies is not a fast process, requiring time and patience. Some methods are very painful, so be careful if you apply a prescription for a child. In the natural homemade remedies, the treatment of warts is very extensive: phytotherapy; solutions; compresses; and other means. Find out which it is better to use and how to choose the best method for you.

Natural remedies for warts should be used with caution. Basically, all products are intended for external use. Do not use them inside. For children, it is better to use gentle means, which do not cauterize the skin strongly. The basis of the treatment was the use of parts of plants. Most often, such plants are used: celandine, plantain, propolis, and other famous herbs.



To use it, you need a piece of propolis in diameter coinciding with warts. Put the medicinal substance in your mouth and soften with the help of saliva. First, place the affected part of the body in warm water for half an hour. You can take a hot bath to get a good steam. Wipe off water, apply softened propolis. Firmly press it to the wart and fix it with medical tape or adhesive band-aid. After four days, the patch should be removed. Repeat the procedure until the wart completely disappears.



Prepare a warm soda solution at the rate of a tablespoon per glass of water. Soak the gauze in it, apply it for ten minutes to the build-up. Freshly cut aloe leaf is applied to the hearth of the disease and wrapped with a bandage or plaster.

Important: The session should be performed before bedtime, when the dressing will be in a stationary position. After seven days of regular daily leaf change, the wart should disappear.



To begin with, prepare the broth from the thyme: 250 grams of dry herbs pour 750 ml of steep boiling water. Cover the lid, leave to infuse for several hours. Prepared infusion needs to be warmed up to such temperature that in it it was possible to steam out palms. The procedure lasts an hour. Herbal meal can be used twice. A new batch of herbs are brewed in a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.



The treatment of warts with natural remedies on hands with a saddler is also popular. Grind the stalk of the saddler to a powdery kind. Grate to the biggest bump. Repeat the procedure daily until it gets off. A small branch of a thumble tree is divided into small parts (3-7 mm).

Fold in a small glass bottle (from the medicine or peroxide). Add alcohol to the neck of the vial. Tightly clog. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Shake every other day. After 2 weeks, uncork the container and leave it open for 48 hours. Method of application: moisten with a tincture of a cotton swab and grease warts.

Repeat the procedure 4-6 times a day. Treatment of warts with natural remedies on hands with a saddler lasts up to two months. You can find a ready tincture in the pharmacy.



One effective remedy against warts on the palms and other parts of the body is garlic. It is compared for performance with celandine. Spread the affected area of the body. Cut out of the adhesive plaster fragment by the diameter a little more warts. Attach a fragment to it, closing the healthy skin around. Top with a crushed garlic clove, tightly tied. There will be a burning sensation, which must be endured as much as possible. After a while, remove the compress, and rinse the body with warm water. Repeat daily for a week. Gradually, the wart will pass along with the upper skin.


Tea tree

A unique, simple and effective natural remedy for warts on the skin is a tea tree. It is a cheap and quick way to get rid of an unpleasant illness. Natural tea oil does not contain any foreign impurities in the composition. It helps to remove the wart on the sole of the foot. Apply undiluted tea oil on warts in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Lubricate your palms with a lotion of oil and water in a ratio of 1: 2. Danger: an allergic reaction may occur if the undiluted compound is applied to the healthy skin (except for the heels). The cleaner the composition of the oil, the better and faster the result of treatment. More information about essential oils for warts treatment you’ll find here.


Dry ice

A small piece of dry ice to attach to the built-up edge and keep while tolerable. Repeat several times a day with a break of two hours. The principle of action is similar to the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen. Gradually the growths will disappear by themselves.



In ancient times, natural remedies for warts on fingers were the only methods of fighting the disease. The use of the thread was known hundreds of years ago. Essence – if you block access to the bloodstream, the wart will dry up in a week. To do this, a thin string of silk or cotton. It is necessary to bandage the growth at the base. However, flat warts cannot be removed by this method.


Meat and soda

The excretion of plantar warts is always more difficult because of the uncomfortable location and constant daily stress on the legs. The disease brings severe discomfort and discomfort during walking. The plantar wart, treatment at home which lasts a long time, undergoes therapy at night. In order to ensure peace and eliminate the load. Keep the heels in a hot soda solution. Carefully remove the first layer of sore. Apply a raw tenderloin to the warts, fix with sticky tape. Wear up to 3 days, avoiding contact with water, then remove it. Again make a bath with a soda solution. If the wart does not fall off or is too large, repeat the procedure several times.

Important: if you do not know the types of warts on the body, then it is not recommended to use this natural method!


Banana peel

An interesting and simple method of removing warts. It is necessary to put the peel on the affected area and fix it.



Apply it three or four times a day, abundantly lubricate the foci of the disease. Repeat until the complete recovery.


Juice of celandine

The classic way to get rid yourself of plantar warts is the juice of celandine. Every day, put the juice of the plant on the growth. Danger: do not touch clean skin, as there is a possibility of burning yourself. To avoid an allergic reaction and negative consequences, a little Vaseline must be added to pure celandine juice. You can understand how to get rid of warts using natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, essential oils, different creams for wart treatment if you yourself test the scheme until the complete destruction of the wart.


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