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Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts Treatment: Most Effective Recipes

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Stephanie S. Gardner, MD, has been a rehearsing dermatologist for as far back as 20 years. This specialty is considered the most popular in this field.

Warts are one of the most common skin diseases. It is associated with the ingestion of the human papillomavirus (HPV) into the body, which causes growth and hyperplasia of skin elements. Warts, in their essence, are benign neoplasms. In rare cases, they can degenerate into skin cancer. There are many ways of  how to remove warts effectively with the use of homemade remedies. One of the most accessible, common and popular methods is apple cider vinegar warts. It has a cauterizing effect, and can be applied in numerous variations of recipes.


Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts

The effectiveness of removing warts, papillomas and condylomas with vinegar does not cause any doubt among connoisseurs of traditional medicine. Removing the wart with vinegar and treating the condylomas is a very long process. Apple vinegar is good for papillomas. It has a lot of positive properties and benefits. It isn’t expensive, is in every kitchen, is used for disinfection and deodorization, and does not burn skin.

It effectively removes warts and other neoplasms on the human body. Excretion of warts with vinegar requires a clear implementation of the rules. Apple, white, wine or vinegar essence – everything will work against papillomas. The choice of the substance does not matter, but it is worth noting that apple cider vinegar is the most gentle way to remove an unwanted growth. The vinegar essence, in turn, is the most aggressive kind. It can remove the tumor from the root, which sometimes grows deep enough.


4 Rules for the Use of Apple Vinegar for Warts Removal:

Have a look at the recommendations on how it is better to remove warts using the apple cider vinegar:

  • Try not to let the vinegar get on soft skin. This can lead to a chemical burn of clean skin. To avoid this, spread the clean skin around the wart with oil (not creamy) or with greasy cream. This will protect the skin from unwanted consequences.
  • Do not use a clean substance (especially with acetic essence). It makes sense to dilute it with purified water.
  • It is not necessary to excrete the growths from the face, neck and intimate area.
  • Do not remove warts in children using any other vinegar, except the apple cider. This is due to the fact that vapors may damage the mucous membranes of the baby’s nose. In addition, the children’s skin is much more tender than the skin of an adult. However, apple cider vinegar is considered the mildest one among other types.


Apple Cider Vinegar Warts Treatment: Top-5 Recipes

Here, you will find the best collection of effective recipes, the main ingredient of which is an apple cider vinegar.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar + Flour: If you have warts on feet or hands, it is possible to remove the growths well with the help of vinegar with flour. To do this, combine the vinegar and flour so that a thick dough is obtained. Apply the mixture to the wart. After the final hardening of the mixture, it must be carefully removed. This must be done together with the top of the wart. The wart itself will be strongly baked. After the first procedure, you must immediately repeat. And so on until the wart completely disappears (warts cannot be removed from vinegar once). It is important to completely remove the wart along with the root. Otherwise, it will appear again. Another important point is that the mixture should always be fresh. The vapors of the substance quickly evaporate.
  • Vinegar + garlic: This method is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. It consists in burning out warts not with the substance itself but using the garlic soaked in cider. The longer the garlic will be marinated in the substance or acetic essence, the faster it will be to solve the problem. Then, attach the garlic to the papilloma or condyloma with a bandage or medical plaster. Repeat this procedure until you completely remove the wart. Removing the root is also an important point.
  • Garlic-vinegar ointment: Garlic-acetic ointment is one of the most effective natural methods. To prepare it, combine 1: 1 chopped garlic and melted smalets, then add the active ingredient. Before using the remedy, rinse the wart in an unconsolidated solution of soda. Ointment is usually applied to cotton wool, wrapped in a package or food film, and then fixed with a medical plaster. The procedure is not the most pleasant but it must be repeated until the wart is completely removed. This method will help to get rid of plantar warts.
  • Vinegar + onions: Onions and vinegar are another potent way. Completely peeled bulb of small size must be left in the liquid for the night. Then cut it and attach one halve to the wart. It is necessary to reliably fix the bulb on the papilloma with the help of medical bandage and plaster. This method is well suited for all types of warts.
  • Lemon and acetic acid: This method is effective but inconvenient to prepare. Leave one half of the lemon in the substance for 2 weeks. Then cut into slices and one of them to attach to the built-up edge, fixing the slice with medical plaster or bandage. The remaining slices should be put back into the liquid. It is desirable to have the procedure every night for the whole night. It is important that every day a new slice of lemon is used.
  • Vinegar + ash: This is a very common way. It is necessary to mix the liquid with any wood ash and then apply on the wart. It is necessary to use a bandage or a medical plaster. This procedure is best done for the whole night. Repeat until the build-up disappears completely. In no case, you should not cut off the papilloma. Then, it will begin to grow even more intensively.
  • Vinegar + vaseline: Treatment of warts with vinegar takes only a few days, you will be surprised by a quick and effective result. To make a magic tool you will need several ingredients: apple cider vinegar, cotton pads, and vaseline. For the procedure, you need to follow the recommendations. Clean the space around the wart. But be careful! You should not burn healthy skin, this can exacerbate the problem. Apply Vaseline on the skin around the wart. This is done to ensure that apple cider vinegar does not burn healthy skin. Soak a cotton swab in the vinegar.

Remember, the tampon should be in vinegar completely, it promotes faster burning of warts. The more condyloma, the more vinegar you need to apply. Put the swab on the wart, firmly press it against the wart with your fingers, it should not budge. Also, you can attach the ball with adhesive tape. It is desirable that the cotton ball, soaked in vinegar, is left on the wart all night. Repeat the procedure again until the wart disappears completely. Do not be scared, but during the process the wart will change color, it will turn black. This is normal and means that the vinegar really works.


Precautionary Measures You Should Take

Many people get rid of warts with the help of vinegar. When removing warts, precautions are aimed at preserving the integrity of the skin around the built-up edge. It is possible to use oil (vegetable or ether, does not matter) or fat cream (the cream for the cow udder is best suited). Among natural methods, vinegar against warts is optimal. If the patient follows precautions, the possibility of getting complications when removing papillomas at home is low. And this can lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

Important: Keep in mind that natural remedies are effective but they never give a full guarantee of excretion of warts forever. And even after a person gets rid of the wart with vinegar, it can appear again. If this happens, you are recommended to consult the specialist.


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